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Owning a pet comes with several major responsibilities and one of the most important is to make sure that pet vaccinations are received in full and on time. These vaccinations are important because they protect not only the pet but also other animals as well as the family from dangerous diseases that might even be deadly. For this reason, the team at St. Francis Hospital for Animals is here to educate everyone on the importance of vaccinations. When families in the Oakdale, Sayville, East Islip, Islip Terrace, and North Great River areas are looking for information on vaccinations, they should take a look at the information below! 


Common Pet Vaccinations

Several examples of vaccinations are important for pets. These are given to train the immune system to recognize and kill deadly diseases. Some of these vaccines include:

Rabies: Rabies is perhaps the most recognizable of diseases that a dog or person might contract. This is a viral disease that is almost universally fatal in both humans and animals. It can also pass between the two species.

Distemper: This is another viral disease that can be fatal. This disease will attack the GI and respiratory systems. In some cases, it can also spread to the nervous system, causing additional symptoms.

Hepatitis and Adenovirus:  This is a combo shot that is given to protect against both of these viruses. It protects against several different types of these viruses. Hepatitis is a disease of the liver that can spread to other organ systems. It can be fatal. Adenovirus is a common respiratory illness and can also play a role in the development of a highly contagious disease known as kennel cough.

Every family needs to make sure that their pet stays up to date on his or her shots. Rely on a trained veterinarian to make sure this happens.

Rely on the High-Quality Team at St. Francis Hospital for Animals for all Pet Wellness Needs

Every family should have access to an experienced animal hospital that understands the importance of vaccinations. They play a major role in protecting the animal and community as a whole. St. Francis Hospital for Animals is here to serve the families of the Oakdale, Sayville, East Islip, Islip Terrace, and North Great River areas for all of their pet wellness needs. In addition to vaccinations, we are also here to provide annual exams and urgent care services to any pet that comes through our door. Families who have questions and concerns should call us today to make an appointment! Our dedicated team is here to serve you and your family.


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