Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning for Dogs

Keeping your dogs’ teeth clean may help with their breath, but more importantly, it is good for their health. Whether you want to brush your dog's teeth is of course up to you, but professional teeth cleaning is still recommended whether you do or not. Dr. Keith L. Parendo at St. Francis Hospital for Animals in Oakdale, NY, is here to give your dogs the oral health care they need to be healthy.


How Professional Teeth Cleaning Works

Teeth cleaning for a dog is much like what is involved in human teeth cleaning. It involves a thorough scaling and polishing of the teeth to clear any plaque or tartar. The teeth, gums, and overall mouth are also inspected.  Most of the time, dogs are put under general anesthesia. If there are any issues discovered during the examination, our veterinarian will make recommendations for treatment. If your pets have any current health conditions, we may need to do some lab work first to make sure the anesthesia will be safe for them. In some cases, X-rays are done so the vet can examine the teeth beneath the gums.

Helping Your Dogs

Even if you do not want to try to brush your dogs’ teeth, there are things you can do that will promote dental health. One thing you can do is avoid giving your dogs any treats that contain sugar. Giving them toys to chew can also help keep their teeth healthy. There are dog treats that are specifically made to be good for your pets’ teeth.

Giving Them the Best

Your own efforts can help your dogs’ dental health a lot, but just like with humans, brushing teeth is not all there is to keeping teeth clean. Periodontal disease is a problem, and as many as 85 percent of pets have some level of this condition by age three. This disease is caused by tartar and plaque on the teeth, and only a dentist with specialized equipment is capable of cleaning it off. Professional teeth cleaning also gets under the gums to some extent, which further helps keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

Come See Us

When your dog is ready for a teeth cleaning or a dental exam, call Dr. Keith L. Parendo at St. Francis Animal Hospital in Oakdale, NY.  We are your source for a dental cleaning for your dog, and for all your pet healthcare needs in the Oakdale area.  Give us a call today.


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