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Pet Wellness through Good Nutrition at St. Francis Hospital for Animals

Those gigantic bags of generic kibble aren't doing a service to your pet in this day and age. It was common to pour a large bowl of crunchy brown bites and allow your pet to go to town. Not any longer! At St. Francis Hospital for Animals, we are recognized for our supreme overall treatment for pet wellness and pet nutrition in Oakdale. NY. We have patients come and see us for their pet needs from all surrounding areas, including Sayville, East Islip, North Great River, and Islip Terrace. When it's time for your pet to consult on their wellness, our veterinarian is the consummate professional.


What Does Good Pet Nutrition Mean

Stop and think about how the human system operates and what we put into our bodies. Then go a step further and imagine your pet eating as caring and nutritious as we feed ourselves. Chances are your pet's health might need an overhaul. Let's take a look at what good pet nutrition means for their lifelong health and what it takes to get there:

  1. Determine the size, weight, and allergy restrictions of your pet before purchasing food.
  2. After a thorough consultation and examination with our veterinarian, consider whether you want to switch to a raw food diet or a grain-free diet, or both.
  3. Snacks and treats need to adhere to the exact same requirements as your pet's daily nutritious intake. Calories count too!
  4. Visit a specialty pet food store that caters to the healthiest fare versus purchasing generic food with corn as the main ingredient.
  5. Check the Dog Food Advisor's monthly recall list, as they address ALL issues with pet foods and what's being pulled from shelves due to contamination.
  6. Is your pet food avoidant or food sensitive? There might be an underlying health condition that our veterinarian needs to examine. 
  7. When traveling with your pet maintain their diet by sticking to the tried and true. 
  8. Switching up your pet's food is considered healthy and more nutritious, as they gain proper and well-rounded nutrients from a variety of food. It's a myth that your pet needs to eat the same food for their entire lives.
  9. Adding fresh vegetables, bone broth, crushed eggshells help their skin and coat.

Your Pet's Health

Now that you're aware of all considerations with pet health, give us a call to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. Each of our locations in North Great River, Oakdale, Sayville, and East Islip are gateways to your pet's health! You can call St. Francis Hospital for Animals at (631) 567-1359 to schedule an appointment today!


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