Treatment of Pet Vomit and Diarrhea

At St. Francis Hospital for Animals in Oakdale, NY, our veterinary team offers a variety of services to help keep your pets healthy. We can diagnose whatever condition your pet is experiencing. Some of the most common problems in pets are vomiting and diarrhea. These can be caused by many different factors. It is important to bring your pet in for treatment if it is showing either of these symptoms. We will diagnose your pet and provide the proper treatment. Our goal is to help your pets live long, healthy lives.


Diagnosis of Pet Diseases

When your pet develops signs of illness, such as poor appetite, bloody stool, watery diarrhea, lethargy, and frequent attempts to vomit, you should seek treatment from our professional veterinarian for diagnostic tests. Our veterinarians carry out a pet exam to investigate the possible causes and determine the type of illness ailing your pet.

If you pet occasionally vomits or has diarrhea, this is likely not cause for concern. However, if the symptoms are frequent, you should bring your pet to our veterinarian for a diagnosis. Pet vomit and diarrhea are common symptoms of gastrointestinal upsets that are mostly caused by parasites and, in some cases, viruses. Our treatment options are based on the underlying pet problem, and it could simply involve withholding food from the sick animal for a few hours and monitoring the response.

How to Identify Gastrointestinal Upsets

It is possible to identify the nature of your pet's problem by observing the pet's vomit and diarrhea patterns and composition.

Pet vomit with dark materials could indicate bleeding in the stomach. The vomit could also contain bones, sticks, or garbage items due to failure to observe cleanliness and health precautions when feeding your animal.

A pet could also have watery diarrhea covered with mucus that indicates a problem in the digestive system due to food contamination. Pet diarrhea may also contain blood, reflecting the likelihood of injury in the intestines or the stomach.

Our veterinary professionals count on pet owners to provide the relevant information that helps to identify the nature of pet vomit and diarrhea problems. We carry out pet exams to determine the type of illness and determine the best treatment plan.

Some pet vomit and diarrhea cases could be symptoms of other serious illnesses such as diabetes, organ failure, or viral infections. We, therefore, advise pet owners to seek the services of our veterinary experts to rule out the underlying pet issues.

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If your pet has any signs of unwellness, seek treatment right away. At St. Francis Hospital for Animals in Oakdale, NY, we can provide the proper treatment for your pet. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today.


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