Flea and Tick Prevention

Every pet parent knows that fleas and ticks can be a real pain. But what many don't realize is that flea and tick bites aren't just uncomfortable for pets; they can be a real hazard to their health. Whether you have dogs, cats, or both, it's vital to keep them on a veterinarian-supervised flea and tick prevention program. St. Francis Hospital for Animals in Oakdale offers a full range of preventive options and treatments to keep your pets feeling their best.

Flea prevention

The Importance of Flea and Tick Prevention

Preventing fleas and ticks isn't just a part of puppy and kitten care; animals of all ages should be kept on a preventive regimen. The health repercussions of flea and tick bites go far beyond itching. Many cats and dogs are allergic or sensitive to flea bites, which can lead to overgrooming, hair loss, skin infections, and much more. Fleas and ticks can also spread dangerous diseases such as tapeworms, Lyme Disease, and even tick paralysis.

Types of Flea and Tick Prevention

At St. Francis Hospital for Animals, we offer a variety of flea and tick prevention options. A veterinarian can formulate a treatment plan that best matches your pet's needs and your own lifestyle and budget. A few options include:

    • Prescription medications: Veterinarian-prescribed chewable treatments work to either kill fleas or keep them from attaching or reproducing.
    • Collars: Collars that release flea prevention medication are simple to use for cats and dogs. They need to be changed on a regular schedule and can be purchased without a prescription.
    • Fast-acting treatments: These fast-acting treatments are given in pill form and work to quickly kill fleas. They are a temporary solution for the acute treatment of a flea infestation and cannot be used as a regular preventive.
    • Topical flea and tick treatments: Topical treatments are applied directly to the animal's skin, generally on a monthly basis. There are many prescription and non-prescription treatments available; a veterinarian can help determine which one is right for your pet.

While prevention is best, we can't always keep fleas from getting into the house. In order for a flea and tick prevention program to work, one must also treat the home environment to get rid of lingering pests. Keeping the yard mowed and treating furniture, carpet, and indoor areas for fleas will help keep your pets from getting re-infected.

Veterinarians Provide Flea and Tick Prevention

Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? If you're looking for a caring veterinarian to help you with a flea and tick prevention program, our team at St. Francis Hospital for Animals in Oakdale is here for you. Check out our website or call today to talk with one of our helpful staff.


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