Nutritional Counseling

Pet Nutritional Counseling

We all love to spoil our pets and for some pet owners, that means giving our pets a bit of extra food here and there which can lead to weight gain, trouble with joints, and even trouble with other aspects of their life. For those in the Oakdale, NY area, Dr. Keith L. Parendo with St. Francis Hospital for Animals can help you to get the right nutritional counseling for your pet.


What is Pet Nutritional Counseling?

When your pet is overweight, underweight, or just struggling with things that relate to food and the nutrition that they are getting, nutritional counseling might be a good option. Nutritional counseling is the process by which a vet or dietitian creates a specific plan for your pet that will relate to what you want them to do and what you want to accomplish.

If your pet is overweight for instance you might want to get a nutritional counselor that can help to reduce your pet’s weight and that can introduce foods that are healthier for your pet. If you have a pet that needs to gain weight you might want to get a diet plan that has more protein or more fats to help your pet gain weight.

Nutritional Counseling for pets is a great way to help make sure that your pet is getting the nutrition that they need, that they are getting the food that is going to help support their overall health, and that they are going to be safe and happy.

How Can Your Pet Benefit from Nutritional Counseling?

Your pet can benefit from nutritional counseling for a range of different reasons. No two pets are alike and making sure that your pet has the nutrition that is going to serve them best is going to help you make sure your pet is happy and healthy no matter what. With the right nutritional counseling your pet can be as happy and healthy as possible and can feel great.

Pets with medical issues can also benefit from nutritional counseling and can feel great with the help of a diet plan that is tailored to them. All pets can benefit from nutritional counseling as it does create a diet plan that is going to help their individual needs and their own individual tastes as well.

For those that have a pet that may need dietary assistance or that might need nutritional counseling, Dr. Keith L. Parendo at St. Francis Hospital for Animals in the Oakdale, NY area can help your pet get the right diet for them so that they can be happy and healthy no matter what.


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