Senior Pet Care

Pets have different needs as they grow older. At St. Francis Hospital for Animals, serving Oakdale, Islip Terrace, North Great River, and the surrounding areas, our veterinarian offers specialized vet care that helps senior pets live happy and healthy lives. Here’s how you can ensure that your furry animals enjoy long active lives.


Proper Nutrition

Pets in their senior years don’t need to eat as much as when they were young puppies. Overweight pets are more prone to diseases, and extra pounds can affect the health of their joints. That means portion control is important, especially as an aging pet becomes less active. Our vet can help you decide if a special diet plan or supplementation is necessary for your pets.


Daily walks are great for aging pets, but make sure that they don’t overexert themselves. Start out by walking your animals for 10 minutes, and then moderately increase the length of time. If you have elderly cats, take the time to play with your felines each day. Visit your local pet store and buy some interactive toys to help keep them active and entertained.

Like elderly humans, aging pets can be sensitive to extreme hot and cold temperatures, so don’t let them stay outside too long in hot or cold weather.

Daily Dental Care

Even if your pets don't enjoy daily teeth cleaning sessions, it’s important for good dental health. Regular dental cleanings are crucial in preventing oral diseases. You can promote your pets’ dental health with specially made treats, toys, or diets to help keep the teeth clean.

Love and Attention

Senior dogs and cats need plenty of physical contact in their lives. Playing with your elderly animals daily is good for their mental stimulation, which helps prevent cognitive dysfunctions as they get older.

Regular Animal Hospital Visits

Even if your pets seem healthy, it’s still important for your senior animals to see a veterinarian for an evaluation. Certain age-related diseases don't show symptoms in the early stages. Common conditions that aging pets face include kidney disease, heart problems, arthritis, and a loss of hearing. A vet can help diagnose a problem before the issue gets worse.

Our Animal Hospital is Your Place To Go For Senior Pet Care

Here at St. Francis Hospital for Animals, serving Oakdale, Islip Terrace, North Great River, and the surrounding area, we offer a range of veterinary services to help keep your pets healthy and happy throughout their golden years. Contact our animal hospital today at (631) 567-1359 for more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment.



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