Microchipping Your Pet: Facts and Fiction


Even the most careful pet owners may find themselves dealing with a scary crisis: a lost pet. One moment’s inattention or forgetting to close the door fully, can lead to a curious cat or energetic dog wandering loose in Oakdale. Microchipping is one way to help make sure you’re reunited with your pets should they become lost. At St. Francis Hospital for Animals, this is one of the most common and important pet wellness procedures we do. Here’s what you need to know:

Microchipping Is:

  • Your veterinarian uses a needle to implant a small microchip under the skin between your dog or cat’s shoulder blades.
  • This microchip is about the size of a grain of rice.
  • It is safe and will not degrade in your pet’s body.
  • The procedure takes only a few seconds and there is no significant healing time involved.
  • Microchips are linked to a database with pet owner contact information.
  • If you move or get a new phone after having the microchip installed, you can have your database entry updated.
  • A veterinarian or animal shelter worker uses a universal microchip scanner to detect the chip. They can then look up your contact information.
  • Microchipping can be performed on both young animals and adults. Contact your vet to learn more.

Common Myths about Microchipping Debunked

  • Microchipping is not a painful procedure.
  • It is also not a surgical procedure. Scalpels aren’t used, only a needle.
  • Once implanted, microchips cannot fall out.
  • A microchip doesn’t have an internal power source, doesn’t broadcast a signal, and does not act as a GPS system for your pet.
  • The microchip alone cannot recover your lost pet. A human must find and bring in the pet to a veterinarian or animal shelter, where he will be scanned.
  • The universal scanners used pick up multiple types of chips, but occasionally a brand or frequency may not be detected.

Get Pet Microchipping at Your Local Animal Hospital

Do you need microchipping or other pet wellness services in Oakdale, NY? Contact us today at St. Francis Hospital for Animals today to schedule an appointment. We can help you keep your pet safe and healthy.


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