The End of Life's Journey

Saying goodbye to a dog or cat is a difficult process. Senior pet owners and those who have a dog or cat suffering from a medical condition that will ultimately end the pet's life need to take steps to ensure the last days are comfortable for the animal they care for. The first step is to make a call to St. Francis Hospital for Animals to speak to our Veterinarian. We assist those living in the North Great River, Islip Terrace, East Islip, Sayville, and Oakdale areas. Euthanasia is hard for most, so here is some information on this topic and how our veterinary team can help.

Senior dog, elderly dog reading up on life's journey

See Our Veterinarian For A Checkup

When you suspect your pet is not going to live for much longer, it is best to contact our veterinarian so they can conduct a physical of the cat or dog. They will determine whether there are underlying problems causing the pet to suffer, and will make every effort to provide treatment if possible. If death is imminent, they will discuss the options you have for your pet's last days. Many find that if their pet is in pain, euthanizing them is an option to consider. We will make sure you know what to expect throughout the process so you come to peace with the decision in helping your pet make their end of life journey comfortably.

Consider Being There For Your Pet         

Many people find it difficult to see their pet as they are euthanized. While you certainly have the option of having our veterinarian conduct the procedure without your presence, consider being there for your pet as they are gently put to sleep. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that your pet's last minutes were spent with the one that they trusted and loved the most. This often helps a pet to calm down during the procedure as well.

Keep Your Pet's Memory Alive

After the process is conducted, their body will be released to you for burial or cremation purposes. Consider hosting a funeral for your pet with family members, placing a special marking at the site where you decide to bury your pet, or keeping ashes from cremation to place in a necklace, vase, or decorated container. This will help you remember your friend long after they have passed.

The death of a senior pet can be hard, but it is a natural step in life. Therefore, euthanasia procedures are conducted with your pet's comfort in mind. If you live in the Oakdale, Sayville, East Islip, Islip Terrace, or North Great River area, and your dog or cat needs assistance from our veterinarian to make their end of life journey, call St. Francis Hospital for Animals at (631) 567-1359.


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