Veterinary Services

Nothing compares to the love that we have for our pets. Whether we have a cat or a dog, these pets mean the world to us. While we owners always make sure that our pets are well-fed and played with, it’s also vital that we make sure to always take care of our pet's health. Whether it’s getting rid of fleas or taking care of important vaccinations, our pet’s health should be a top priority.

dog getting checked up by a vet

If you happen to live in Oakdale, Sayville, East Islip, or the surrounding area, then be sure to reach out to St. Francis Hospital for Animals for all of your pet needs. From emergencies to routine preventative care, we have a veterinarian you can count on. Take a look at our veterinary services below:

    •    Wellness Care

    •    Vaccinations

    •    Allergies & Dermatology

    •    Nutrition & Weight Management

    •    Dentistry

    •    Laboratory

    •    Ultrasound

    •    Digital Radiology

    •    General Surgery

    •    Oral Surgery

    •    Basic Ophthalmic Procedures

    •    Microchipping

    •    End of Life’s Journey

 With our wide variety of services, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. In addition, with our professional staff and relaxing, comfortable office, you can ensure that your beloved pet will always be in great hands with us.

Emergency Care

Whether it involves pets or humans, health emergencies can be a very stressful and traumatic experience. Whenever you’re in need of emergency veterinary services, you need a trusted and reliable office to call. Not only are you counting on these professionals to potentially save your pets life, but you’re also counting on them to act quickly and do the right job. When you call us for a pet emergency, we always have a qualified veterinarian on staff that has experienced hundreds of emergencies in the past.

We Have the Right Veterinarian for You!

Finding high-quality veterinary services can sometimes be a tough task. If you’re searching for the absolute best care for your pet, then one call to St. Francis Hospital is all it takes. Whether your pet needs dental solutions or vaccinations, we have a professional team that can handle any service with ease. Is your pet overweight? We even offer nutrition and weight management services to ensure that your pet stays as healthy as possible. 

Whether you live in Oakdale, Sayville, or East Islip, you’re only minutes away from the best veterinary office in the area! Make an appointment with us today to keep your pet healthy!


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