Comprehensive Veterinarian Care

If you recently took in a cat or dog to care for in your home, tending to their medical needs is an important part of your responsibility in tending to your pet. It is important to make appointments for routine vet care at St. Francis Hospital for Animals. Our practice handles the East Islip, Sayville, and Oakdale areas.

In addition to checkups, our veterinarian will provide treatment when your pet is sick or hurt. Here is some information about what you can expect during a vet care visit. 

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Your Observations And Prior Medical Treatment Will Be Assessed

You will be required to give our veterinarian information about any medical visits your pet had obtained in the past to determine whether any health problems were treated appropriately. If you saw another veterinarian recently, ask them to give you documentation about your pet's health history to bring along when you have an appointment at our practice. If your pet has been displaying symptoms of a medical problem, consider jotting them down so you can relay the information to our practitioner so proper treatment is provided.

A Check Of Your Pet's Entire Body Is Conducted

Our veterinarian will do an extensive check of each part of your pet's body to ensure everything is working as it should. First, we will take your pet's vitals and document the information for comparison purposes during subsequent visits. We will conduct a head to tail check of your pet's facial features,  limbs, skin, and fur. We will check for parasites, feel the abdomen for any abnormalities. Our vet will also clean your pet's teeth and clip their nails during a comprehensive visit.

Recommendations Will Be Made Regarding Preventative Care

Our veterinarian will discuss immunizations and their importance with you so you can determine which you will be giving to your pet in the future. If your pet is healthy enough during their visit, some immunizations may be administered during the appointment if desired.

If your pet is not spayed or neutered, a surgical appointment in the future can be made. If there is a medical problem with your pet, treatment options are discussed and started for your pet's health. This includes preventative medication to keep parasites from causing your pet health difficulties. If your pet needs assistance with dietary needs our veterinarian will aid in the selection of food choices. Behavioral problems will also be addressed if needed.

If your dog or cat requires vet care, and you live in the East Islip, Sayville, or Oakdale areas, contact St. Francis Hospital for Animals to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Call our practice today at  (631) 567-1359 to inquire about scheduling availability or to ask questions.


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