Pet Dermatology

Pets can have skin problems and require a dermatology appointment. It's common for skin problems to develop due to allergies and other issues. Pets need to see our veterinarian to find out what's wrong with your pet and get treatment to help calm down. Pets can get skin irritation in several ways, causing different symptoms. When there is inflammation and itchy skin, seeing our veterinarian is needed.

Visit our veterinary clinic to have the veterinarian look at your pet's skin and determine the problem. Then, we may treat your pet with medications to decrease pain and offer comfort. Call us at our Oakdale, CA, office to make your pet's appointment.

Pet Dermatology

Skin Problem Symptoms

If your pet has red areas of skin, this is a problem. You might also smell a strange smell. For hairy pets, it may be hard to see the areas of the skin that are red and inflamed. When this is true, it's essential to know some signs of skin irritation, so you'll learn to look under the fur. A main symptom is that the pet scratches themselves a lot. They may often scratch the affected area, making the skin even more inflamed. 

Another common symptom is excessively licking specific spots on its skin. They might chew on an irritated sport or groom it over and over. Your pet may also scoot on the floor or roll on it to try to get to the sore area. Your pet may start to whine a lot because of their discomfort. Your pet's skin may be painful and cause sedentary.

Causes of Skin Problems

These skin issues may originate from dust, plants, pollen, and even food allergies. For example, it's common for pets to be allergic to grass and food allergies, so it's important to know what they eat and where they spend their time. In addition, if they get flea bites, this can cause the skin to be irritated.

Get Dermatology Help

When your pet has skin problems, they need to see the veterinarian. To make your appointment for skin care, call our Oakdale, CA, veterinary office. Contact our office today at (631) 567-1359 to schedule an appointment. Also, remember to speak with our veterinarian about any further concerns that haven’t been covered in the information above. We would be happy to assist you with anything you require.


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