Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work

Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work at St. Francis Hospital for Animals

Pet blood work and diagnostic tests are vital for helping your veterinarian near you detect potentially significant health problems in your pet that need prompt attention. St. Francis Hospital for Animals in Oakdale, NY, can perform blood work and multiple diagnostic tests to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy. Continue reading to learn about the importance of blood work and pet diagnostics in keeping your pet’s health in good condition.

What Pet Blood Work Can Do

Pet blood work is essential for diagnosing and treating several pet health problems. Our veterinarian can narrow down the cause of your pet’s health issue more accurately by observing its blood work results. Our veterinarian looks at the composition of your pet’s fluids, enzymes, and platelets to determine the underlying cause of its condition, allowing for more accurate and timely treatment.

Blood tests can show signs of several diseases or infections in your pet, including high glucose levels typical of diabetes. The blood sample will also reveal problems with your pet’s kidney, heart, or liver function. These tests can show if your pet’s blood is clotting slowly or abnormally and check for certain types of cancer and parasites. Knowing your pet’s overall health helps identify many existing issues.

Diagnostic Equipment to Show Inside the Body

Our veterinarian has diagnostic equipment that allows us to see inside your pet’s body. X-rays provide images of your pet’s bones, joints, skull, and spine. These can detect abnormalities, fractures, and even tumors that need removal.

Ultrasound technology uses waves to bounce off your pet’s soft tissues and produce an echo that translates into a digital image. These images allow our veterinarian to diagnose issues not detected by blood work, such as masses or cancers in the liver or kidney.

Other diagnostic equipment we use at our animal hospital include endoscopies and MRIs. These can help us detect issues related to your pet’s intestines and other internal structures. Our veterinarian can then provide immediate treatment to ease your pet’s symptoms and treat its condition.

Visit Your Veterinarian Near You in Oakdale, NY, to Improve Your Pet’s Health

Blood work and pet diagnostics are essential for detecting several significant health conditions in your pet, so contact St. Francis Hospital for Animals in Oakdale, NY, if your pet shows signs of illness or discomfort. We can determine the underlying cause of your pet’s condition and provide prompt treatment to keep it healthy and happy. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (631) 567-1359 and get the puppy and kitten care necessary to ensure your pets live long and healthy lives.


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