Flea & Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks can cause tremendous discomfort and even sickness for your pet. At St. Francis Hospital for Animals in Oakdale, we believe prevention is the best policy and can help you keep pests away from your pet as much as possible. Our tick and flea prevention will keep your pet comfortable and healthy. In addition to our veterinary care at our animal hospital, try these steps to keep fleas and ticks at bay.


Check Your Pet After Each Outdoor Excursion

If your dog or cat spends any time outdoors, it is best to perform a spot check before you allow them back indoors to see if any fleas or ticks had adhered to their body. Keep a flea comb and a pair of tweezers near your door for this reason. Give your pet a quick comb to check for fleas and run your hand over his or her back to check for ticks. This simple maneuver can help stop an infestation from starting.

Take Time to Tend to Your Outdoor Space

The area outdoors that your pet utilizes needs to be maintained to aid in keeping fleas and ticks from becoming a problem. Keep your lawn mowed and trim back hedges and larger plants regularly. Consider contacting a pest control service to keep on top of pesticide application if insects are routinely an issue. 

Clean the Interior Of Your Home Regularly

If your pet happens to have a flea infestation, eggs, larvae, and baby fleas will make their way around your home rather quickly. To avoid this type of scenario, clean your home regularly to help with the elimination of eggs and larvae before they have a chance to turn into adult fleas. When you vacuum, make sure to throw away the contents of the collection chamber and bring it outdoors immediately, so any live fleas do not make their way back inside your home. Launder your pet's bedding with the washing machine and dryer at the highest heat setting to kill any eggs or larvae.

See Our Vets For Preventative Care in Oakdale

The best way to keep fleas and ticks from becoming an issue for your pet is to provide them with preventative medication that stops flea and tick infestations. This is obtained from St. Francis Hospital for Animals in Oakdale when needed. Contact our veterinary office at (631) 567-1359 to make an appointment for a pet exam. During this visit to our animal hospital, our veterinarians will check your pet's medical condition and make recommendations regarding topical medication to stop flea and tick infestations before they begin.


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